Trying to get it to upload a file

Jul 29, 2015 at 10:17 PM
I am using SQLServer 2008R2 and it has always worked to use an SFTP task in ssis, but I have one job that it never works. It gets to that task and just sits there. Never fails but never completes. (left it sit for an hour one time trying to upload it) It works fine except when I have the variable for the local file be Evaluated As Expression, then it never works. But once again, only for this one job. The only difference between it and all the rest is that file for this job is created with a C# script task. And the extension for it has to be the date the file is created (mm/dd/yy format so today's would be test.072915). I am not seeing anything that would cause this. I decided to have the script upload, but can't figure out what I need for all of the arguments for .uploadfiles(). Any help would be appreciated. Thx