Convert Project To VB.Net

May 9, 2016 at 9:35 PM

I am trying to use the SFTP SSIS Extensions for SSIS.

I am doing pretty well but am having a heck of a time translating the C+ example to VB.NET.

Due to company standards I MUST use VB.NET

How would this be written in VB.NET?

List<ISFTPFileInfo> fileList = new List<ISFTPFileInfo>();

fileList.Add(new SFTPFileInfo() { RemotePath = "/Home/test1.txt", LocalPath = @"C:\test1.txt", OverwriteDestination = true });

I added the extensions.
I found I needed to run GACUTIL /I to make it work.

But Each time I try to compile I get an error.

I have tried

Dim oFileList as New List(of ISFTPFileInfo)()

The following is where it always gives an error.

oFileList.Add(New SFTPFILEINFO( "/Home/test1.txt", @"C:\test1.txt", True))