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Migrate to Github


I want to move this project to Github as codeplex is lacking in functionality.

I have built a version for SQL 2014 and would like to allow others the ability to maintain the project.


ehasson wrote Jul 21, 2015 at 2:46 PM

I've gone ahead and forked the project over to GitHub at

wrote May 17 at 12:12 AM

sebastienm wrote May 17 at 12:27 AM

Thanks ehasson.

1- Right now, if I search GitHub for "ssis pgp", I get no results. However if I search for "ssis clone" it does find the project, so it seems like the search is only searching the sentence "A clone of but with SQL Server 2014 Support!! " at the top of the project page.
Could you please add: "SFTP, PGP and Zip Control Flow custom components" to the above sentence?

I know you can go in advanced search and find it, but it would be nice be able to find it with the default search.

2- FYI - It seems like someone else pushed the project there a few years ago.
Might make sense to merge the two. Maybe the two projects are too far apart to that... I don't know.

Thank you,